Monta Vista BWD

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Monta Vista's Bollywood Dance Team is an Indian dance team at Monta Vista High School that aims at enhancing and spreading the Indian culture at the school by introducing Indian-style dancing, primarily Bollywood-style dancing, to all members of the student body. Monta Vista BWD's dance routines incorporate a fusion of Bollywood-style dancing as well as elements of modern hip-hop and jazz. The goal is to allow students (including those with little/no dance experience) to audition for the team, and to present those that pass the audition with opportunities to showcase their abilities and talents acquired while on the team at various performances throughout the year. We take students who haven't moved a dancing muscle in their life and transform them into incredible dancers that truly steal the stage.

Monta Vista BWD was formed in the 2011-2012 school year by four Monta Vista students and since then, the team has made a name for itself by performing at not only school events, but at other schools and competitions in the Bay Area such as the annual Diwali showcase at the GOOGLE office headquarters in Mountain View, Homestead High School's Sapnay, YouthSava competition at the Indian Community Center for teenagers, Monta Vista's Spotlite on India and more.

In the 2011-2012 school year, Monta Vista BWD participated in several performances. These performances include VTSEVA's Valentines Night, YouthSava ICC, a dance competition held by the Indian Community Center, FBLA's Bay Sections competition, Cure Cancer Cafe, Little Italy, and Sapnay.

In the 2012-2013 school year, The Monta Vista Bollywood Dance Team performed at a variety of venues including GOOGLE's Diwali Showcase, Irvington's Dil Se, Lynbrook's Silsilay, Homestead's Sapnay, La Fiesta, and the YouthSava ICC Competition in which we placed 2nd in the high school competition. 

In the 2013-2014 school year, The Monta Vista Bollywood Dance Team performed at a variety of venues including Google's Diwali Showcase, Irvington's Dil Se, India Literacy Project, Lynbrook's Silsilay, Bellarmine and Notre Dame's Nazaara, Homestead's Sapnay, Monta Vista's Spotlite, 

The 2014-2015 Captains are looking forward to another amazing year!  

-The Captains

         Shail Trivedi, Zoish Pithawala, Divya Ramani, Ajay Raj Merchia 


Google's Diwali Showcase:

Each year, Google hosts a Diwali Showcase at their own headquarters. Monta Vista Bollywood has been invited time and time again to perform at one of the most powerful companies in the world. It's an honor for us to be invited time and time again to perform at this prestigious company and truly bring light and happiness to the audience.

VTSEVA's Valentines Night:

VTSEVA, a volunteer organization, hosts this show once a year as  a fundraiser to raise money for children with visual disabilities. 

FBLA's Bay Sections Competition:

Monta Vista BWD has performed for FBLA, Future Business Leaders of America, the largest Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) in the nation. At the Bay Sectional Conference, Monta Vista BWD performed for their entertainment and made a name for themselves as an incredible Bollywood Dance Team.

Cure Cancer Cafe:

Hosted by Monta Vista's own Octagon, one of the largest volunteer organizations on campus, lies Cure Cancer Cafe. This annual dinner for high schoolers is a massive event and is sold out every year. Friends and family of a huge population of Cupertino residents all come to dine all to cure cancer by raising funds. MV Octagon invited Monta Vista BWD to perform at their Cure Cancer Cafe, and Monta Vista BWD fulfilled the promise of dinner and entertainment.

Little Italy & La Fiesta:

Monta Vista BWD performed at these school fundraisers for the Monta Vista class of 2015.

Lynbrook's Silsilay:

Each year, Lynbrook AISA hosts an Indian cultural show called Silsilay. Being a massive show and drawing the attention of many residents, Monta Vista BWD performs at Silsilay. The proceeds of this show go toward project RISHI.

Bellarmine and Notre Dame's Nazaara:

New as of 2014, Bellarmine and Notre Dame get together and host a show known as Nazaara. Amidst all the private high schools, Monta Vista BWD was one of the only public high schools to be invited to perform at this showcase. The organizers of this show have requested that Monta Vista BWD lower the quality of their performance as not to upstage their own teams, but Monta Vista BWD in all its pride and excellency, stole the stage regardless. 

ICC's YouthSava Dance Competition:

From time to time, Monta Vista BWD registers for ICC's YouthSava Dance Competition. In the 2012-2013 school year, Monta Vista BWD placed 2nd place in all of the Bay Area. 

Homestead Indopak's Sapnay:

Come May, Monta Vista BWD is all ready and primed with several performances to spew out. Prior to our last performance of the year: Spotlite, Monta Vista BWD debuts their routine one last time at Homestead Indopak's Sapnay before revolutionizing once more to go out with a bang at Monta Vista IASA's Spotlite. Performing on a gym floor, Monta Vista sweeps the stage and truly comes out as the best Bollywood Dance Team in the Bay Area.

Monta Vista IASA's Spotlite on India:

Our last performance of the year. Each year, Monta Vista BWD awaits this final massive performance. Spanning 2 days, Monta Vista's Indian-American Student Association puts on an incredible display of Monta Vista acts. Spotlite has been know to attract congressmen and congressional candidates such as Mike Honda, Ro Khanna, and even Vanilla Singh. Attracting plenty of attention, Monta Vista BWD truly goes out with a bang at this incredible performance at the end of each year.